We here in the FBC Web Department desire to give you the opportunity to hear the Sunday message from one of our pastors or guest speakers as well as the entire worship service. We do this as a service to those in our body who, for whatever reason, may not be able to be here on some Sunday as well as to the world wide community abroad to allow them to hear the Word of God.

We make it possible to listen by using RealNetworks® RealAudio® format to “stream” the audio from our server to your computer, as well as, we also recently started providing an MP3 version of the message for you to download and listen to on your favorite player. We provide two different stream qualities for you to choose from depending on your connection speed to the Internet.

To listen to the streaming versions of our audio you will need the RealOne player from RealNetworks® which you can get by clicking on the icon below. To listen to the MP3 version of the message you can also use the RealOne player or there are many other MP3 players available such as WinAmp from NullSoft - also available by clicking on it's icon below.

Thank You,
The FBC Web team
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