Date: June 4, 2000

Series: Conversations with God

Speaker: Steve Hixon

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Stranger in a Strange Land
Daniel 9

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“Prayer is Godís way of involving us in what He intends to do.”
Ray Stedman

The book of Daniel

Daniel and the 70 years

Danielís prayer

“My Most Unforgettable Character”
It is most disquieting to discover that you have lived forty-eight years believing that you have reached the point at which you have all the answers, only to discover that you don't have a clue! It is further unsettling to realize the humility in accepting the fact that a person 15 years your junior has the answers you've been a lifetime searching for, but ignoring. It took this young man and his unassuming demeanor to break down a lifetime of guilt and shame I had stored, and bring me to within a simple leap of faith of Jesus Christ.
Darryl answered every question I threw at him. He is not a scholar or theologian ...... just a truck driver. At the time, I thought I could shoot him out of his Christian “saddle.” Before it was over, I was admittedly numbed with astonishment and amazement which bordered on stupification! Darryl had given me answers that were not only simply stated, but straight from the Scriptures! Wow!!!! Perhaps I AM forgiven!!!!!
Darryl once told me that I should bring my former wife to church with me sometime. I commented something to the effect of, “You gotta be kidding ... she's an atheist!” I'll never forget his response: “Are you saying that there's something God can't do?”
About a year later, I learned that she had been going to church with a girl-friend from work!
Thanks to my friend Darryl and FBC, I have learned to love and accept the best friend any of us could ever have ... our friend and savior, Jesus Christ. How could you forget either one?
Yours in Christ, Alan

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