Date: July 16, 2000

Speaker: FBC Youth

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Four Portraits of our Miraculous Savior
Youth Sunday

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I. Jesus the Challenger
Matthew 14:22-23
"If it is You ... tell me to come!"
Getting Out of the Boat
"Missing the Adventure" or
"Being Part of the Miricle"

II. Jesus the Changer
Acts 9:1-19
A Vision on the Old Road
A New Vision for Life

III. Jesus the Compassionate
John 8:1-11
Feeling Caught in Sin?
Jesus Arrests the Attention
Grace Under Fire
...Grace is getting what you don't deserve."

IV. Jesus the Provider
Luke 5:1-11
"Put Out into the Deep Water"
"We've Worked Hard"
"Left Everything and Followed Him"

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