Date: July 23, 2000

Speaker: Kevin McKee

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Crying Out and Climbing Trees
Jesus the Seeking Savior
Luke 18:35-19:10

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Point: Jesus, the Son of Man, came to seek and save what was lost. Luke 19:10

Jesus came to restore sight so we can see Him (18.35-43)

Who is crying out around us — around you? (vv. 38, 39)

Will we stop, listen and respond? (v. 40)

The result: Sight and PRAISE! (v.43)

Jesus came to seek us when we were lost and restore us in a relationship with God (19. 1-10)

What are the obstacles preventing people from seeing Jesus? (v. 3)

Will we stop, how will we respond? (vv. 5-6)

The result: Salvation and Restoration! (vv. 8-9)

“When we review Jesus’ multi-mission statements—‘to call sinners to repentance,’ ‘to give his life a ransom for many,’ ‘to seek and save what was lost,’ ‘that they may have life to the full’—the ringing theme is the longing to set people free, to remove the obstacles (sin or suffering or death or poverty), and to supply the resources (forgiveness or purpose of life or Spirit) that would enable people to be all that God wanted them to be.”

Leighton Ford, Transforming Leadership

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