Date: October 15, 2000

Speaker: Finn Torjesen

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Finn and Sandy Torjesen

Finn Torjesen has served as a missionary in China since 1993. Finn has an unusual understanding of the current and rapidly changing China scene. With special talents in networking with people, he is a people person "par excellence" who is trusted by the Chinese. Finn is well qualified to speak about open doors in today's China and the needs of the Chinese people whom he knows well.

Both Finn and his wife Sandy grew up in Taiwan as children of TEAM missionaries. Initially, Finn and Sandy felt led to serve among Muslims. When the door for service to Iran was closed, they were able to go instead to Indonesia where they were active in church planting and developing a camping ministry for 10 years. In 1990, when a memorial for Peter Torjesen, Finns grandfather, was dedicated, the family, specifically Finn, was invited by Chinese officials to return to help with social and economic development in Shanxi Province, where Peter had served in the 1920s and 1930s. In 1993, Finn and Sandy and two other couples formed a team that actually began Evergreen's service here. In 1997, Finn became a Missionary Pastor for FBC. As a Missionary Pastor, FBC is considered his home church, and when on furlough, Finn functions as a visiting teacher and pastor for FBC.

FBC is excited about having Finn present with our body today. Finn's message will be from the story of Steven in Acts 6 and 7.

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