Date: January 21, 2001

Series: Galatians: Called to be Free

Speaker: Steve Hixon

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Freedom from
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Free To Change
Paul tells his story
Galatians 1:11-24

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Iím sure that youíve heard the story of my earlier life when I lived in the Jewish way. In those days I went all out in persecuting Godís church.
I was systematically destroying it.
I was so enthusiastic about the traditions of my ancestors that I advanced head and shoulders above my peers in my career. But even then God had designs on me. Why, when I was still in my motherís womb he chose and called me out of sheer generosity! Now He has intervened and revealed His Son to me so that I might joyfully tell non-Jews about him.Ē

Galatians 1:13,
The Message

The Former Life (11-14)

The Great Reversal (15-16)

The Solitary Retreat (17)

Sharing our Stories (18-20)

Sharing the Story (21-24)

EEvery Christian story is a freedom story. Each tells how a person has been set free from the confines of small ideas, from the chains of what other people think, from the emotional cages of guilt and regret, from the prisons of the self, sin-separated from God. We are free to change. The process of that change is always a good story, but it is never a neat formula.Ē

Eugene Peterson, Traveling Light

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