Date: March 18, 2001

Series: Jonah: God's Love & Grace for the World

Speaker: Kevin McKee

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You Can Run...
But You Cannot Hide
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You can run but you can't hide
Jonah 1

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As the Spirit of God and His Word lead us, we are constantly challenged to believe that God is good and knows what he is doing - that we can trust him. When we don't believe this we either try to be God, or run from him. Jonah ran.

Jonah runs (1:1-3)
Here is someone on our level. Even when Jonah does it right (like preaching, finally, to Ninevah) he does it wrong (by getting angry at God). But the whole time, God is working within and around Jonah's very ineptness and accomplishing his purposes in him. Most of us need a biblical friend like Jonah.

Eugene Peterson

Jonah avoids (1:4-6)

Jonah confesses (1:7-10) bait (1:4-6)

Principles for life
Running from God doesn't work.
God's love is extravagant.
God's grace includes the nations of the world and your neighbors.

Would you consider...
Praying for a neighbor or friend and inviting them to our Easter service so that they might know God's love and grace?

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