Date: March 25, 2001

Series: Jonah: God's Love & Grace for the World

Speaker: Kevin McKee

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Out of
the Depths
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Sinking down, Hitting Bottom
Words for lifeís tough situations
Jonah 2

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God appoints a fish (1:17)

Jonah Prays (2:1-9)

Our tears and Godís ears (v. 1Ė4)
Prayer is the most deeply human action in which we can engage. Behavior we have in common with the animals. Thinking we have in common with the angels. But prayer ó the attentiveness and responsiveness of the human being before God ó this is human.

Under the Unpredictable Plant, Eugene Peterson

What wakes you up? (v. 5ó7)

Forfeiting Godís Grace... (v.8-9)

God commands the fish (2:10)
Jonah starts again...

Principles for life
The Psalms teach us to pray, giving words for our situations.
You donít have to sink to the bottom, or get to the end of your rope before you call out to God--though many do.
We forfeit Godís grace when we take matters into our own hands, not trusting him.
Salvation comes from God, and he wants us to have it (v. 9)

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