Date: April 1, 2001

Series: Jonah: God's Love & Grace for the World

Speaker: Kevin McKee

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The God of
Second Chances
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God of Second Chances
Endless Compassion
Jonah 3

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Jonah Obeys God (vv 1-3)

Jonah Speaks for God (vv 4-5)
"The city of Ninevah was surrounded by an inner wall and another wall. The huge inner wall (50 feet wide and 100 feet high) was about eight miles in circumference while the outer wall encompassed fields and smaller towns." Before Jonah arrived, two plagues had erupted there (in 765 and 759 B.C.) and a total eclipse of the sun occurred on June 15, 763. These were considered signs of divine anger and may help explain why the Ninevites responded so readily to Jonah's message around 759."

BKC, Jack Hannah

Ninevites Believe in God (vv 6-9)

God Shows Compassion (v 10)

Principles for life
Obedience reveals the Glory of God. (John 14:21)

God is a God of second chances!

God has compassion on all people and wants them to be in relationship with him.

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