Date: August 11, 2002

Speaker: Dan Robinson

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Surely God is in This Place
Genesis 28:10-17

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One morning a professor stood before his class and tried this experiment. All twenty-seven students observed him as he carefully made two dots on a sheet of white paper and then drew a line between them. Then, he asked each student to respond,
“Explain to me what you see?”
The variety of answers were both interesting and amazing as every student gave a slightly different insight in describing what each saw. But there was a general agreement—two black dots connected with a black line. Finally, the professor asked,
“But don’t any of you see the white paper I wrote on?”
Of course, they were all chagrinned! The white paper had been there first, before anything was drawn on it, but they had been distracted by what had been sketched on it afterwards.

-DeVern Fromke

The reality of God’s presence defines who we truly are. Do we live in that assurance, or have we been distracted by other “marks?”

Do we know who we truly are?

“That God is here both Scripture and reason declare. It remains only for us to learn to realize this in conscious experience.”

-A.W. Tozer

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