Date: February 16, 2003

Speaker: Raleigh Gresham/Guillermo Powell

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To Live a Life Worthy
of the Calling I Have Received

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Guillermo Powell was raised and educated in Argentina, and comes from a long heritage of missionaries. Guillermo and his wife Elsa, have been married since 1978 and have two grown children.

When describing the letter to the Ephesian church Powell says:
“The Apostle Paul goes into high gear as he explains our salvation from God’s vantage point. As I read this letter I envision Paul pacing his cell exhilarated by the knowledge that the God of the universe planned our salvation “from before the creation of the world.” How is it that God would take an utterly sinful person like me, and with incomparable grace and love give me new life and elevate me into His very presence? This profound knowledge urges me to ‘live a life worthy of the calling I have received.’”


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