Date: January 8, 1995

Series: A Killer Called Legalism

Speaker: Steve Thurman

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A Killer Called Legalism
Part 1
Deuteronomy 28

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There is a cancer out of control in contemporary Christianity, a killer called legalism. And God hates it, for it is the very opposite of what is found in His heart and in His dealings with us. For the next five weeks we will study this killer and, hopefully, become better able to fight it.


A. LAW: God's idea

B. LEGALISM: Man's idea

Life Response

A good doctor has as much (or more) knowledge about sisease than he does about what makes for good health. Make every effort to become an expert on the disease of legalism. And then fight it with every weapon at your disposal.

Definitions ... memorize them!

Grace: The unconditional, relentless love that God has for us and that we are to have for one another.

Legalism: An environment in which love is conditional, given or withdrawn, based on performance.

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