Date: January 15, 1995

Series: A Killer Called Legalism

Speaker: Steve Thurman

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A Killer Called Legalism
Part 2
Matthew 23:23-24

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Many things in life are not what they appear to be: mirages, oases, your checkbook balance, and, unfortunately, much that is called Christianity.

This morning, the savior confronts the mirage that is legalism. And he does so in what is one of seven "woes" spoken to the Pharisees. Let's take a look ...


A. Legalism: It is spiritual and biblical

B. Legalism: It is immature

Life Response

One of the greatest mistakes we make today is in that spiritually-minded and biblically-minded Christians are mature. but that is not necessarily so. to talk the "talk," to walk the "walk," to be around Christianity for a long time, to even be a Christian leader or "spokesman" -- none of these things necessarily equal maturity. And so, be careful who you listen to ... and who you follow.

Definitions ... think about them!

Legalism: A religious system that gets things done, but forgets people.

Legalism: A spiritually-minded religion, akin to Christianity, that is devoid of or lacking in maturity.

Legalism: A false religion, using Christian concepts and terms, upon which Christ pronounces judgment.

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