Date: July 27, 1997

Speaker: Dan Sarian

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Toto, I Don't Think We're in Kansas Anymore
Citizens of heaven living in the cities of man

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“The Jews of first century Palestine missed Christ's message because they, like many today, were conditioned to look for salvation in political solutions...The Jew wanted salvation from his oppressor, the Roman centurion. Instead, Christ came to save him from a much greater oppressor - the sin within Him.” — Charles Colson, Kingdoms in Conflict

“Although the church and state stand separate, the political order cannot be renewed without theological virtues working upon is from the church that we receive our fundamental postulates of order, justice, and freedom, applying them to our civil society.” — Russell Kirk

I. Anticipating a Political Savior

II. Generals Don't Ride Donkeys

III. Christians Make Good Citizens, But Lousy Bear Traps

A. God established human government and political systems in order to:

1. 1 Peter 2:13,14

2. 1 Timothy 2:1,2

B. What makes Christians good citizens?




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