Date: August 3, 1997

Series: “Christianity 101” Essential truths for a new life

Speaker: Steve Hixon

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Romans lesson #5
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What's Happened to me?
peace with God
Romans 5:1-21

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Romans 5 - 8
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peace with God union with Christ freedom from the law life in the Spirit

The Joy of a New Relationship with God (5:1-11)

3 fruits...

suffering turns into...

how can I know for sure?

while we were enemies...

a bright future

The One who Made it Possible (5:12-21)

“Whether we are condemned or justified, whether we are spiritually alive or dead, depends on which humanity we belong to - the old humanity initiated by Adam, or to the new humanity initiated by Christ.” -- John Stott

Overview of the Book of Romans
Becoming a Christian:
Living as a Christian:
Our problem sin God's solution Christ Our new identity God's sovereignty & Israel's future The new life in everyday situations
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