Date: September 21, 1997

Series: “Christianity 101” Essential truths for a new life

Speaker: Steve Hixon

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Romans lesson #12
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Will God Still Love Me If...?
nothing can separate
Romans 8:28-39

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“If God is for us, who can be against us?”

Pulling back the curtain: God's Plan

From condemnation to conquerors: the deep, deep love of Jesus
is there any need too small?
is there any sin too great?
is there any chance You`ll abandon me?

“God, I may fall flat on my face; I may fail until I feel old and beaten and done in. Yet your love for me is changeless. All the music may go out of my life, my private world may shatter to dust. Even so, you will hold me in the palm of your steady hand. No turn in the affairs of my fractured life can baffle you. Satan with all his bragging cannot distract you. Nothing can separate me from Your measureless love - pain can`t, disappointment can`t, anguish can`t. Yesterday, today, tomorrow can`t. The loss of my dearest love can`t. Death can`t. Life can`t. Riots, war, insanity, hunger, neurosis, disease - none of these nor all of them heaped together can budge the fact that I am dearly loved, completely forgiven, and forever free through Jesus Christ Your beloved Son.”

Ruth Harms Calkin

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