Date: October 19, 1997

Speaker: Bill Cairney

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The Real Wind Beneath Your Wings
Luke 12 selected verses

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You have placed your trust in Jesus Christ. You are a member of His family. You have the Holy Spirit dwelling within you and you are coming to understand and appreciate the spiritual gift(s) with which He has empowered you. You want to use your gift(s) in the Lord's interests. You sense a calling to serve Him in a particular arena. Now...what can you expect Him to do?

Vs. 11 - The Promise - We can rely on His active presence. We are not to be fearful, but expectant of His interaction.

Vs. 32 - Our Response to the Promise - Again, we are not to be fearful. The kingdom ultimately is ours!

Vs. 35 - Our Responsibility - Be dressed for action. Make reasonable preparation. Keep your lamp burning.

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