Date: December 28, 1997

Speaker: Ron R. Ritchie

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Lord! Teach Us to Number our Days
Psalms 90

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1. Lord you are our Eternal God 90:1-2

2. Humanity without God falls into four categories 90:3-11

Humanity is but Dust 90:3-4

Humanity is but Grass 90:5-6

Humanity is but a Whisper 90:7-9

Humanity is Limited 90:10-11

3. Lord may our brief years please You 90: 12-17

Teach us to number our days 90:12

Place a song in our hearts 90:13-15

Confirm the work of our hands 90:16-17

Question: Are you living out your days on this earth with the view that you are part of God's love story of Redemption within a fallen and suffering humanity? Explain!

Question: Is your daily prayer "Lord! Teach me to number my days so that I may live a life that pleases You?" Explain!

Question: In light of the fact that we all may be given the gift of life on this earth for some 70 or 80 years - How many days do you have left on earth to please God? (70 years=25,550 days 80 years=29,200 days)

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