Date: May 3, 1998

Speaker: Finn Torjesen

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Finn and Sandy Torjesen
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Finn and his wife Sandy, a nurse, grew up in Taiwan as children of TEAM missionaries. Finn and Sandy have ten year old twins, Davin and Denise. The family left China in June 1997 for a year of home assignment here in Colorado Springs.

Finn Torjesen is currently the China Administrator of Shaxi Evergreen Service. Finn is well qualified to speak about open doors in todayís China and the needs of the Chinese people whom he knows well. The Torjesen family was invited by Chinese officials to help with the social and economic development, in Shaxi Province where Finnís grandparents, Peter and Valborg Torjesen, had served in the 1920ís and 1930ís. In 1993 Finn and Sandy and two other couples formed the team that actually began Evergreenís service there.

Finn is also the newly appointed Executive Director of Evergreen Family Friendship Service, a public benefit (not-for-profit) organization incorporated in California in December 1992. As head of the Evergreenís Consulting Services Team, Finn works with registered entities in the areas of business, industry, education, health and the church. Another major service of Evergreen is its strong medical program which includes training rural doctors. By the fall of 1997, Evergreen had 17 members on its China staff, with two more expected to arrive on the field in 1998.

We are happy to have Finn and Sandy with us this morning.

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