Date: June 14, 1998

Series: Joshua

Speaker: Steve Hixon

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A Costly Lesson
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A Costly Lesson
Joshua 9 & 10

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“Success is never final. Failure is never fatal.
It is courage that counts.”

Winston Churchill

The Deception (9:1-13)

The Hurried Decision (9:14-15)

The Realization of Failure (9:16-18)

The Keeping of the Oath (9:19-27)

The Consequences (10:1-43)

Life Response
“What have you learned from the mistakes you've made in your life?”

“The church unfortunately, has become a museum to display the victorious life. The implication is that we are 'sinners emeritus'. What we need in the church are models who fail, because most of us fail more than we succeed. We find success once in a while, and we praise God. But much of what we do is a flop. Every parent knows that. So does every spouse. We all fail our cities, our world. The church is not a museum for finished products. It is a hospital for the sick.”

Bruce Larson

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