Date: June 6, 1999

Speaker: Steve With

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Developing Your Ministry
The Toughest Job You Will Ever Love
I Thessalonians 2

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1. Ministry is about God
He gives us strength to serve, v. 1-2
He gives us a message, v. 3
He gives us approval, v. 4
He is our focus, v. 4,6
He is our witness, v. 5

2. Ministry is about Loving People
People who need gentleness, v. 7
People who need love, v. 8
People who need the Gospel, v. 8
People who need ..., v. 11-12
... encouragement,
... comfort,
... urging,
... to live lives worthy of God.

3. Ministry is about Investing Our Lives
Our lives poured into them, v. 8
Our lives struggling, striving, toiling, v. 2,9
Our lives striving for ..., v. 10
... holiness,
... righteousness,
... blamelessness.

4. Ministry is about God's Word
The Word at work in the lives of His People, v. 13

Summary ... Ministry is ... The God-given call to love people with our lives under the direction of God's Word.

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