Date: August 8, 1999

Series: Rediscovering Church: God’s design for a new community

Speaker: Steve Hixon

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The Vision of a New Community
Acts 2:42-47

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God seeks to create community...

Genesis 1 – His triune nature
Genesis 2 – creation of Adam & Eve – “one flesh”
Israel’s history – attempts and failures
John 17 – Jesus & the disciples – a taste of unity
Acts 2 – Pentecost: the Spirit and the church
Revelation 21 – eternal community

Acts 2

Are you convinced that God wants every believer to be a highly functioning member of a local church?
Have you fully committed yourself to the body of God’s people at FBC, or are you holding back to see if something better comes along?
If the person next to you needed twenty dollars today, would you give it?
Are you connected to other brothers & sisters at FBC through some kind of regular small group experience?
If you needed help at 3:00 o’clock tomorrow morning, who would you call?

The series title “Rediscovering Church” is taken from the Zondervan book by Bill Hybels. We highly recommend it!

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