Date: October 3, 1999

Speaker: Steve Thurman

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The Best Friend You'll Ever have

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"Jesus did not mechanically follow a list of 'Things I Gotta Do Today,' and I doubt he would have appreciated our modern emphasis on punctuality and precise scheduling. He attended wedding feasts that lasted for days. He let himself get distracted by any 'nobody' he came across, whether a hemorrhaging woman who shyly touched his robe or a blind beggar who made a nuisance of himself...

"Jesus was 'the man for others.' He kept himself free -- free for the other person. He would accept almost anybody's invitation to dinner, and as a result no public figure had a more diverse list of friends, ranging from rich people, Roman centurions, and Pharisees to tax collectors, prostitutes, and leprosy victims. People liked being with Jesus; where he was, joy was."
Philip Yancey, The Jesus I Never Knew

Steve and Donna Thurman live with two of their four children in Auckland, New Zealand. They are working to launch MARINERS– Center for Christian Leadership, in order to equip Kiwis and their churches to befriend the lost, lead them to Christ, and disciple those who believe. If you are interested in finding out more about them and their work, they can be reached at the following address:

660 Delmonico #202
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

A. "Sinners" needing Jesus

B. "Pharisees" needing Jesus

C. Jesus, the friend

Life Response

1. Jesus was no friend of sin, but was without question the best friend any sinner could ever have. Jesus loved, and he loved without hesitation, people as he found them. He stood out spiritually, but he never stood away relationally. Does this describe how you are trying to live the Christian life?

2. Do you have one non-Christian friend who you genuinely love and with whom you spend lots of purposeful time? They need you, and you need them.

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