Date: December 5, 1999

Series: The Coming King

Speaker: Steve With

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The Heart of Jesus:
the power, passion and plan of our Lord
Isaiah 61:1-3

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The Power of Jesus: The Holy Spirit
The Spirit of the Lord is upon me...Isaiah 61:1

Jesus did nothing without the leading of the Spirit.

The Passion of Jesus: His Anointing
The Lord has anointed me...Isaiah 61:1

Anointed - set apart for a particular work

The Plan of Jesus: The Gospel
Good news to the poor
Bind up the brokenhearted
Freedom for captives
Release for the prisoners

The Plan of Jesus: His Style
Lordís Favor
Beauty instead of Ashes
Oil instead of Mourning
Praise instead of Despair

The Heart of Jesus:
His Power: Spirit
His Passion: Anointing
His Plan: Gospel

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