Date: December 12, 1999

Series: The Coming King

Speaker: Kevin McKee

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The Humility of Jesus:
Philippians 2:5-11

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During the Christmas season, it is easy to lose Jesus in all the busyness of travel, shopping, and parties - or the depression of loneliness. Understanding how Jesus humbled himself in the Incarnation can bring a God-moment to the Holiday Season. In many homes and shops there are simple little nativity scenes that depict Jesus - the Coming King. They depict Jesus as Emanuel - God with us. This is the Incarnation! Every time you see one, think about how his life, death, and resurrection make a way for us to be in relationship with the Creator God. Every time you see one, think how we are to have the same attitude of humility by the power of the Holy Spirit. This attitude will cause us to love and serve others as we Glorify God!

In Philippians chapter two, Paul uses Jesus' act of humility as an example for us (2.5-11)

Our attitude
We're to have the same attitude as Jesus, today and the next 12 days! (v.5)

Jesus' Humility
He set aside the privileges of deity (v.6)
He became a servant (v. 7)
He was obedient unto death - death on a cross (v. 8)

Jesus' Exaltation
He was exalted! (v.9)
He was given a name above all names (v.9-10)
God was Glorified. (v.10)

Our Humility
Motivated by love (2.1-4)
Empowered by God (v.13)
Based in faith (1Peter 5.6)

Do you believe...
you can live openly? (3.1-7)
you can live and survive living selflessly? (vv. 14-16)
you can live contently? (4.12-13

You can live humbly by the grace of God and the power of his Spirit. You can become a child of God's forever family by trusting in Jesus. Will you do that today?

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