Series: “Christianity 101” Essential truths for a new life

Speaker: Steve Hixon

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Essential truths for a new life
Romans 5-8


In the winter of 56-57, Paul sat down in the city of Corinth and wrote what many feel is the most thorough description of the gospel of Jesus Christ that exists. It was Paul's “magnum opus”, his greatest epistle, sent to the greatest city of that day, proclaiming the greatest message of all time.
In the nearly 2000 years since then, God has used the Book of Romans in a mighty way to bring people into a new relationship with Himself, and to ground them in the essentials of that faith. St. Augustine, Martin Luther, John Wesley - all saw their lives radically transformed by the truths found in those pages.
In this series we look at a section of that book: chapters 5 8. There we find several key principles to guide us in the Christian life. Our hope is that through understanding these principles and seeing them “come to life” in the reality of authentic, daily living, we will become more fully-devoted followers of Christ.

5 - Peace with God
What is justification?
6 - Union with Christ
Who am I now - what's my real identity?
7 - Freedom from the Law
How do I relate to rules & regulations?
8 - Life in the Spirit
How do I experience this new life in all its fullness?

For further study:
Romans, by John Stott
From Guilt to Glory, by Ray Stedman

A Sermon Series by Steve Hixon

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