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Speaker: Steve Hixon

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The book of Joshua is a 90's kind of book: plenty of action, high adventure, larger-than-life characters, intense emotions, and a simple plot. The fact that it is in the Bible makes it even better! In a literary sense it is a bridge between the books of Moses and the history of Israel as a nation. In a strategic sense it describes the method God used to bring His people into His promised land. In a military sense it is a vivid account of tactics, goals, failure and success. In a spiritual sense it teaches us timeless truths about ourselves, our world and our God. His grace, His holiness, His promises, His power and presence are woven into the fabric of this magnificent story of a people taking a land, and in the process learning to walk with the One who brought them there.

Joshua: Go for It!
Rahab: God's Amazing Grace
Jericho: How to Fight God's Way
Achan: What Happens When We Sin
Worship: The Key to Our Identity
Gibeon: How to Handle Failure
Caleb: A Man and His Mountain
Peacemakers: How to Resolve Conflict

A Sermon Series by Steve Hixon

Lesson Passage Sermon Date
A Hard Act To Follow
The Unlikely Ancestor
Crossing the Jordan
A New Way of War
A Severe Mercy
A Day of Renewal
A Costly Lesson
The Divine Strategy
A Man and His Mountain
Jumping To Conclusions
Choose Life!

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