Series: Living Life to the Fullest

Speaker: Kevin McKee

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Are you living a full life or is your life just humdrum? For many a full life is living "on the edge" or relentlessly pursuing personal goals hopefully leading to a satisfying life.

However, so many people face each day without any passion or contentment, stuck in the middle and hating it. Others define a full life by a full schedule of work, carpools, constant activity and little rest. Thankfully, a full life need not be hurried, rushed or "edgy." From God's perspective, I believe, a full life is being fully engaged in what God is doing in the world and wants to do in us. It is not humdrum, but exhilarating and eternal. God simply asks you to join him in this Jesus-filled exciting life.
The letter of Paul to the Philippians is a follow-up from their "founding Pastor" (second missionary journey, Acts 16:12-40). Writing from prison (see Acts chapters 24-26, and 28-30), he is surprisingly full of joy and encouragement. As one person put it, "the dance of words and the exclamations of delight have a way of getting inside us." Paul's words are wonderful. More importantly and profoundly, Paul's own life demonstrates he is fully alive! He lived this way in spite of his circumstances. As Paul explains the reasons for his life, he also encourages and demonstrates how the life of Christ overflows into and out of his own life. His letter invites us to have the same experience with God in Christ.
This study is not so much a detailed mapping of the letter as much as it represents an aerial photographed map produced by flying over and noticing the expansive and beautiful contours of a life fully lived in Christ. It is a life of pervasive passion and awesome attitudes. It is also a life of dynamic dependence on Christ and contagious contentment that comes from Him.
As you listen, grab a Bible, fly over each chapter a little lower, noticing and enjoying more of the beauty, encouragement and refreshing truths of each chapter. I pray that life's circumstances define your life less, and God's truths redefine you while you live life to the fullest.

A Sermon Series by Kevin McKee

Lesson Passage Sermon Date
A Life Worth Living has ...
... Pervasive Passion
... an Awesome Attitude
... a Dynamic Dependence
... a Contagious Contentment

Philippians 1:1-26
Philippians 1:27-2:30
Philippians 3
Philippians 4

July 8, 2001
July 15, 2001
July 22, 2001
July 29, 2001