Series: The Water in Which We Swim

Speaker: Raleigh Gresham

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“The Water in Which We Swim”

There is an important question we should ask about the church in the United States today. How much of what we call “church” is shaped by the Bible and how much is shaped by our dominant culture? This is a series of messages that does not offer detailed “instructions”, but rather asks us to “open our eyes”. Can we even see the cultural “water in which we swim” or have we lost the sensitivity to notice the impact of our non-Christian culture on the church? These messages are not a warning to protect ourselves from a possible future encroachment of cultural forces such as individualism, materialism, pragmatism, rationalism, and optimism but a call to wake up and realize how much we have already imbibed.

A Sermon Series by Raleigh Gresham

Lesson Passage Sermon Date
Our Worldview
(Autonomous) Optimism
Romans 12:1-2
Colossians 3:1-11
John 15:1-8

John 14:1-7
I Peter 1:1-6
Dec 29, 2002
Jan 5, 2003
Jan 12, 2003
Jan 19, 2003
Jan 26, 2003
Feb 2, 2003